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Easy2Add for Microsoft OutlookBack to Main Pageversion 1.20.0104
Quickly create new events, tasks (to-do), notes and contacts from plain English in your Outlook Calendar (appointments, meetings, all day events), Tasks, Notes and Contacts folders.

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How Easy2Add Works and How To Use It:

Accessing (screenshot below):

  1. from Notification area of Windows taskbar: you can access the program field by clicking the Easy2Add tray icon.
  2. from Windows Vista Sidebar you can easily access the program by clicking the text field of Easy2Add Gadget.
access Easy2Add

Enter Appointment/Calendar Event, task (to do), contacts or notes:
  1. Select item type by typing the prefix or clicking the item icon. (skip this step by selecting the default item type in Easy2Add options)
  2. Type your event or item details using the Keyboard
  3. Hit the "Enter" key on your keyboard (or click the"Add" button if your Easy2Add is in the windows tray)

  4. Possible prefixes: "TASK:", "TSK:", "T:", "TODO:", "DO:", "APPOINTMENT:", "APP:", "CALENDAR:", "CAL:", "MEETING:", "EVENT:", "A:", "MEET:", "CONTACT:", "C:", "NOTE:", "NOTES:", "N:".
Instructions and Basic Tips:

The instruction for events is to enter “what”, “who”*, “where”, and “when.”
Only “what” and “when” are required. For tasks is to enter "to-do", "time frame", reminder, priority.
  • What (subject): This can be any text; the Outlook event title is created from this.
  • When(Start and End time): This can be nearly any date and/or time expression. Using “at” and/or “on” can help the recognition.
  • Who* (Attendees): This should begin with “with” followed by a list of email addresses; these are added to the Attendees list.
  • Where (Location): This can be any text following “at” or “in.”
  • To-do (subject): This can be any text;
  • Time frame (Start and Due date): This can be nearly any date expression.
  • Reminder: time expression.
  • Importance (priority): if in subject found word “important” or ”urgent".

How Easy2Add Works and How To Use It (Events).
Prefixes: "APPOINTMENT:", "APP:", "CALENDAR:", "CAL:", "MEETING:", "EVENT:", "A:", "MEET:"
If you have a name of a location that includes a date or time word, such as “Restaurant Tuesdays” or “Cafe 4pm”, use quotation marks around the name to avoid Easy2Add  from creating the event on Tuesday or at 4pm.

  • Enter [lunch with John at "Restaurant Tuesdays" Friday 6 pm]

If you enter a time with no date, Easy2Add will create the event on the earliest date that puts the event in the future; the present day if the time is later, or the next day if the time has already passed:

  • Enter [Football at 7pm]

If you do not enter a start time or end time, Easy2Add will create an All Day event:

  • Enter [School holiday 9/14]

If you do not enter an end time, Easy2Add will create a one hour long event:

  • Enter [Staff meeting next Monday at 15:00]

You can specify start and end times using either time ranges or time intervals:

  • Enter [Running w/ John 2:15 tomorrow for 45 minutes]
  • Enter [Running w/ John 2:15 – 3 pm tomorrow]

Multi-day events can be specified using date ranges:

  • Enter [Company Conference call 10/21 – 10/24 in Miami]

If you'd like someone added to the guest list, enter his or her email address.

  • Enter [Lunch at Luidgy's tomorrow 12.00 gcal@companyhame.com]

Three-letter time zone abbreviations can be recognized following the time:

  • Enter [Call Moscow at 3 pm EDT]

To-Do (Tasks):
Prefixes: "TASK:", "TSK:", "T:", "TODO:", "DO:"

Tasks work in the same way as appointments. In addition to appointments you have an option to set up reminders and priority (importance).


  • Enter [task: Project due tomorrow]
  • Enter [task: Project tomorrow 3:15PM]
  • Enter [task: Project MON - TUE 3:15PM]
  • Enter [task: Project 7/25/08 - 7/27/2008 3:15PM]
  • Enter [task: Project due in 3 DAYS]
  • Enter [task: Project in 2 weeks 3:15PM urgent]

Creating Recurring Events.
When creating recurring events, the time expression has three parts: the start, the repetition, and the end.
Example: [Laundry Saturday at 11 am repeats weekly for 7 weeks].
The start is “Saturday at 11 am,” the repetition rule is “repeats weekly,” and the end is given by “7 weeks.” Easy2Add understands many kinds of repetition rules covering daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly repetitions. Examples are given below. We also encourage you to try various texts to explore this feature further.
To create a weekly recurring event:

  • Enter [Meeting at work every Monday at 2pm]
  • Enter [Tennis practice Tuesday 7pm to 9pm weekly]

To create a monthly recurring event:

  • Enter [Dinner at Mom’s on the first Tuesday of every month]
  • Enter [Manicure on 9/1 every month]

To create a yearly recurring event:

  • Enter [Mom's birthday June 19 yearly]
  • Enter [Wedding anniversary July 3 yearly]

To create an event that repeats a certain number of times:

  • Enter [Baseball Game every Thursday for 10 weeks]
  • Enter [Language Class every Wednesday 7-8pm for 5 months]

Please note that when entering recurring events, don't enter a location in the middle of a time expression. For example, don't enter [dance practice every Tuesday in the gym at 8pm]. This event should be entered [dance practice at the gym every Tuesday 8pm].
Also, if you do not specify an end date, duration, or number of times the recurring event occurs, it will repeat for 365 times, which is the maximum number of instances currently allowed for a recurring event.

Prefixes: "CONTACT:", "C:", "CONT".

With support of Contacts you able to enter or add to existing Outlook Contacts E-mail, Phone or fax number.


  • Enter [c: John Doe john@doe.com 555-0111]
  • Enter [contact: john@doe.com 555-0111 John]
  • Enter [cont: John Doe business 555-0112] - business phone number
  • Enter [c: John Doe fax 555-0112]
  • Enter [c: john@doe.com assistant 555-0132] - John assistant phone
  • Enter [c: John Doe 555-0123 car]

Creating Contacts.
When creating contacts please note: Contact's full name can be placed everywhere. Everything that is not recognized as an email or phone number, is considered to be the full name. If phone type is omitted, by default it will be recognized as a business phone. Contact's email address is everything, which consists of letters, one "@", and several letters after the last "." sign (domain name).

Prefixes: "NOTES:", "NOTE:", "N:".

With support of Notes you able to add Notes to Outlook Default Notes Folder.


  • Enter [n: This is my first Outlook Note with Easy2Add]
  • Enter [note: remember the Milk]
  • Enter [notes: show Easy2Add to a Friend]

Creating Notes .
Simply type you notes and hit Enter ("add" button).

*Will be available in the coming version.

Submit your feedback.
your opinion is extremely important to us.

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